I Dream of an Indoor Urban Nudist Clubhouse and Naturist Oasis Space

Guest website by: Joshua W.
My Dream of an Urban Nudist Clubhouse
It was a glorious autumn. In the northeast, just about any weekend was bright and warm since late August, in contrast to a fairly cool and temperamental summer. But as the days grew shorter and the cold air pushed in from the north, there is only less chance to get nude.
Around this time every year, I begin to picture what a year round community space might appear like that espouses and observes the ideals of naturism (respect for self, others and nature), notably in a urban environment that is accessible to a sizeable population. In addition, I contemplate the financial viability of such a space and whether or not a business model could be created that’s sustainable, scalable and replicable. Uniting company with a societal problem can be certainly be problematic, but when done right, can yield astonishing results.
And so I dream
I envision a modern, eco-friendly space which is about 4,000-6,000 square feet, most likely on the top floor of a building, that supplies roof accessibility. The fundamental space itself would be divided into four key areas, 1) the anteroom which includes a welcome place, 2) a transition region which includes dressing rooms, lockers and toilets, 3) a hot tub place which includes a sauna, steam room, showers and soaking baths (hot & cold), 4) an open, common space that is large enough for everything from events to courses. The space would also include additional amenities for example a kitchen area.
First of all, the space would be open on a daily basis, enabling members and one time visitors to stop by and take advantage of the fundamental facilities at their own leisure. Whether it’s in the morning, during http://nudismphotos.net/posts/jess-has-asked-me-to-write-about-nudism/ or after work, the space becomes an actual oasis. Moreover, weekly scheduled actions and events, including yoga, exercise courses, and massage therapy, will supply a structured program of things to select from, all with a focus on wellness, fitness and social conviviality. Finally, one-time events will be offered, as planned internally or by outside groups who lease the space, including book clubs, MeetUp group assemblies, etc.
Customer service will play an important role in ensuring that guests are able to relax in a clean and cared for surroundings. Technology will facilitate all actions both in and out of the club, including an interactive web site and an RFID bracelet that removes the requirement for carrying around a wallet!
What’s your dream?
Of course, this is merely a little peek into my own imagination when it comes to the perfect “urban nudist naturist space. And I didn’t even mention the juice bar, the mini fitness center andthe bare swimming pool! I’m figuring that http://x-topless.com/pins/dale-slips-into-a-nudist-camp/ of you have also daydreamed about this kind of place, whether merely as a visitor, or as an entrepreneur. What does your space look and feel like? What kinds of tasks and events would you plan? Is this sort of space necessary as it pertains to ensuring the success of naturism later on?
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